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Saturday, 15 June 2013

Summer Wardrobe part b

I have been disappointed with the lack of variety of dressier tops this season. On the bright side Le Chateau's halter top is available in white, light blue and pink. This neckline is so feminine and so fitting for the summer. In my search I couldn't find any other halter tops. And yes, I like black! :)

summer dressy tops


Cardigans & jackets often complete an outfit, whether it's to look a bit more professional at work, or just to add a bit of warmth on a summer evening. As I noted in the first part of this blog, as a starting point I recommend you have a cardigan or jacket in a neutral colour, and have another in your favourite colour (assuming you have multiple tops containing your favourite colour). Then build from there...

IMPORTANT POINT: Short versus Long: Unless you are very tall, opt for the shorter version. The shorter version will be much more flattering on you. All the lengths represented here are super; I do not have an example of a shrug (cardigan) because I could not find one. They are even shorter and work very well for more formal outfits.

summer cardigans and blazers

Some of these are more dressy than others so if you search for a summer dress; choose one that fits your lifestyle for this summer.

summer dresses

If a little black dress is not already hanging in your closet, you may want to consider buying one. A LBD (little black dress) is so versatile assuming the fabric is appropriate for all year wear. You can lighten or bold it up with an accent colour e.g. either a light, airy or a bright, primary colour.
However, if you choose a silver & black dress I recommend you chose accessories in these colours. The white & black dresses are a bit more versatile; again you could probably add in a third accent colour.

IMPORTANT POINT: For this to be a lovely and feminine outfit, ensure it tapers in at the waist so that it accentuates your feminine figure. Or if you are more self-conscious about your tummy, a higher waistline, like an empire waist (it is tapered just below the bust) is a better choice since it still creates definition.

Summer little black dresses


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