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Monday, 4 June 2012

Welcome to My Blog!

Hi Everyday Extraordinary Woman,
Welcome to my blog! I am just beginning this blog and my business. I aspire to provide the average, everyday mom and working woman with practical information and tips to equip her with the knowledge to dress her best!

Now that I'm a mom, I find it's even more challenging to look "put together" with less prep time in the morning!  Not only do I have to be strategic about planning across all aspects of life but also with my wardrobe, and I'm guessing I'm not the only one who finds it challenging!

My mission is to provide you with practical everyday fashion advice! 

Do you have a favourite piece of clothing or accessory that you love but don't know how to pair it with other items to create a dynamic look? I hope to provide you with practical advice on how you can pair those favourite items.  Just send me a photo of a  clothing item or accessory and I will give you some pairing suggestions that will compliment the piece and makes you look good!! I will periodically blog on submissions. Let's have some fun!!! Email me at: kayclaresaint@gmail.com 

When you send your photo tell me:
1.The purpose of the outfit: weekend wear, date night, career wear etc.
2. A few words describing your style

I have a cute, little, red leather jacket that's one of my favourites! Since we're heading into fall (yes I know it's not yet summer but I LOVE the Fall), I thought I'd give you an example of a classic and simple outfit with a jacket very similar to mine.

Here's a simple outfit with jeans paired with a white, dressy, feminine top, a sleeker pair of black boots, a gorgeous red leather jacket, and cute accessories (bracelet, earrings and bow belt).
(Photo of Kay by Sandra Enns, Fleuri Photography) 
Do you have a favourite Fall look? Tell us about it.


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