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Thursday, 10 January 2013

Turning Winter Blahs into Ahhhhs!

Now in the midst of January, unless there's some balmy weather like we had today so that you can enjoy the outdoors, or unless you're an avid skiier - what's a girl to do to fight the winter blues???... Shop of course!  I absolutely love shopping in January/February. The deals are unbelievable!! I typically buy my daughter's wardrobe for the upcoming Fall/Winter season with items costing a half or more of the original price. But of course, I also like treating myself to something nice - and now is the PERFECT time to hunt online and in the stores for the perfect LBD. Yes, the "Little Black Dress". I admit the selection may be diminished, but if you take the time now you won't regret it. You'll be relieved when you find out you are invited to summer wedding and are confident that you don't have to go on a shopping escapade, or you will be all set for the upcoming Christmas season. Yes, it's a long way off, but you won't regret it. 
So, now your mandate is to scour the stores looking for the perfect LBD, but what does it look like???

The Perfect LBD
  • Medium weight fabric to allow you to wear it all year round: Imagine converting the dress into a summer or winter top - if the material seems to be appropriate for both extremes, then you're good
  • Sleeveless or short sleeves: You can always add a fabric or fur shrug/bolero to accomodate the cooler temperatures, while showing off those arms in the summer
  •  Medium to low neckline: A neckline that shows a bit of skin allows you to choose an array of necklaces to showcase, giving you a number of variations.
  • Tapered Waist: A beautiful LBD is one that defines a waist, which is fundamentally required to create the feminine hourglass figure
  • Hem Suitable for Summer Wear: There's a wide range of acceptable hemlines that would work. The only one that might not be suitable is one closer to full length. It's not as practical on hot summer days
  • Well tailored seams and hems
  • Feel beautiful and confident in it!!!
I've included a couple examples of "Little Black Dresses" from two popular canadian retailers.

1.  Classic Fit and Flared Dress, Jacob (www.jacob.ca) $64.50 (originally $129)

 *Appropriate for Year Round Wear: The Material appears to be appropriate for year round wear - medium weight (Polyester, Viscose and Elastane mix)
*Built In Lining: In my experience dresses with linings tend to flow off the body and being that they have linings, tend to be better made
*Neckline: This boat type neckline is very soft, feminine and classy.
*Defined Waist: The waist is very clearly defined - beautiful!
*Skirt Shape: This A-Line shape flows off the waist and skims the hips, which is very flattering
*Hemline: Sits just above the knee so it shows off your legs

*Neckline: Since the neckline is quite high, you're limited to a choker type necklace or a longer length necklace that falls just above or below the bust. The necklace could end at the bust but it will emphasize your bust.

VERDICT:I absolutely love this dress! It's a classic, and reminds me of Audrey Hepburn. It's modest and absolutely stunning! However, it's certainly geared more to a slimmer frame due to the thin belted waistline.

2. Double V-Neck Ruched Feather Trim Dress, Laura Plus (www.laura.ca) $129.99
 (originally $195)

 *Appropriate for Year Round Wear: The Material appears to be appropriate for year round wear - medium weight(Polyester and spandex mix). The material on the top is soft and femine, while the skirt is a stiff elegant crepe like material. Even though the skirt is crepe like, I think it could be worn well in the summer.
*Crinolin Lining: Again, having the built in lining provides beautiful and a flattering bottom half.
*Neckline: Wow!! What a breathtaking neckline. It seems to mould perfectly to the cleavage line while still being very classy and elegant.
*Defined Waist: This ruching/gathered material in the middle creates a waist, even when you don't think you have one.
*Skirt Shape: Again, this is an A-line, but not as pronounced as the dress above. But you can see how it again drops from the waist and gracefully skims the hips, creating a beautifully feminine shape.

*Skirt Hemline: I'm not sure I'm crazy about the feathers that frame the bottom of the skirt.

This is a dress that will likely flatter the full spectrum of body shapes! Beautiful, classy with flare. However, I'd probably pluck off those feathers! :)

Have fun shopping for your LBD! I'd love to know what you find. Send me a  photo! :)                                                                    

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  1. Wow, there's some great info here Kay, thanks so much for sharing! I love too that you've shared specific dresses that we Canadians can find in the stores! :)