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Saturday, 30 November 2013

Fall Lookbook - Outfit 2 - Night Out

Photography: by Sandra Enns, Fleuri Photography
Hair: by Donna Melo , Hair-Quality Hair Design - Donna's Facebook Page
Makeup: by Gigi, Gigi's Esthetics

While our fall lookbook  #1 was perfect for a night out you might be looking for something just a little bit dressier. I would still wear this on a date out with my hubby to a nice restaurant but adding a solid coloured suit jacket makes this a great outfit for the office too. Just remember that bare shoulders aren’t the best thing for the office so keep that jacket on with a shoulderless top like the one I am wearing here. Let’s look at the styling guidelines that specifically apply to this outfit:

                                                                                  FOUR OR LESS COLOURS:
I've kept this outfit to 2 colours. Adding a solid splash of any 3rd colour would have also worked well. The choice is unlimited because all colours match with white and black. For example I could have replaced the black boots and purse with dressy red boots and/or an elegant red purse. Just remember that if you want to look taller keep your footwear the same colour as your pants.

This subtle poka dotted halter top takes the stage. However, there is also a pattern and added texture in my bag but because the beading and purse are black, the bag does not distract from the patterned top.                                                              

DARK COLOURS FOR PROBLEM AREAS:             I have always been conscious about my hips and thighs. It didn't help that my two younger brothers nicknamed me "thunder thighs". Typically I wear solid dark colours on my bottom half, although this summer was the first that I wore white pants! The point I want to make is that everyone has their comfort zone; most of the time time I believe it's important to honour that otherwise you may feel uncomfortable and possibly lacking confidence. But don't be afraid to be experiment.

The fit of an item can make or break an outfit. Clothes should fit so that all elements of the feminine figure are clearly defined and so that the material flows over these parts without pulling. This top showcases my shoulders, defines my bust and waist without bringing attention to my tummy. And the pants flow off my hips, without hugging them. Julia Roberts is a wonderful example of both of these extremes in "Pretty Woman".

Top (RW&Co)
Capris (Gap)
Belt (unknown)
Purse (unknown)
Knee high boots (Rockport)
Pearl earrings & bracelet (Joe Fresh)
This top is patterned and thus becomes the focal point of the outfit. So all other components of the oufit including the jewellery should blend and compliment the top. Ideally each piece of jewellery should contain only one colour without any distracting texture.  My bracelet is solid black and my pearl earrings pull out the white from the top. With this particular outfit I could also have worn a bracelet and/or earrings that contained white and black, but it may have distracted from the top. When you experiment with these elements, ensure you stand back from the mirror to see the outfit as a whole to make sure that all the components blend.                                                                                                  

ACCESSORIES SHOULD BE PROPORTIONAL: Belts, jewellery, bags etc. should be in proportion with your body size. In this case the purse is on the small side for me but compliments the dressier mood of the outfit.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  


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