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Saturday, 14 December 2013

Fall Lookbook - Outfit 3 - Night Out

Photography: by Sandra Enns, Fleuri Photography
Hair: by Donna Melo , Hair-Quality Hair Design - Donna's Facebook Page
Makeup: by Gigi, Gigi's Esthetics

While our fall lookbook outfit #1 and #2 featured the black capris, this outfit showcases an A-line brown skirt. I love this dressier chic outfit; it pairs the very feminine top with the sassy, ruffled pleather jacket, creating for a very fun outfit for out on the town. I could easily casualize this outfit by replacing the skirt with a pair of slender, figure defining dark wash jeans. Let’s look at the styling guidelines that specifically apply to this outfit:

When creating my outfits I like to keep to three colours but in this case I have four, all of which are featured in the top (brown, orange, purple and cream). I love the warming combination of the brown and orange. The gold coloured bangles pull out the orange tones in the top. When I have an item I want to wear that has three or more colours I pull in accessories that contain only those colours. Sometimes that's hard to do especially with jewellery. For example my necklace is silver but because it's so muted and since the brown pendant is the focus, the silver blends in nicely. So always try on your outfit before stepping out the door to make sure the colour combinations create a striking but blended outfit.

This beautifully patterned top is most definitely the focal point while the browns create a complimentary muted backdrop.

By having these photos side by side I hope you can clearly see that the tucked in top is much more flattering that the untucked, flowy top. When the top is tucked in, it allows the skirt to more clearly define my waist. However, when the top is untucked my waist is not evident and is a less flattering look. To present a feminine shape my shoulders, waist and hips should be clearly defined.  I could have created balance by swapping out the A-line skirt with a slim pair of plain cream or dark brown pants while leaving the top untucked. Alternatively I could have worn a pencil skirt, which is much more tapered than the A-line.

Whenever your outfit contains a pattern your  jewellery needs to a solid colour so it does not compete with the patterned item. Jewellery can be multi-coloured granted that all colours in your outfit match and do not exceed four colours. I love this delicate dressy pendant because it nicely fills this space and compliments the elegant mood of the top. So consider the mood when you are choosing your jewellery. If it doesn't match or compliment the mood of the most striking item in your outfit (in this case the most striking outfit is the top), your outfit won't seem quite right. For example, if you were to replace the pendant with a wooden necklace, it would likely create a heavier, more casual look and would clash with dressier top. It's trial and error. Before heading out the door do a dry run in your outfit; stand back from the mirror to see yourself from head to toe.

As women I think we tend to be very intentional about downplaying certain areas. In this case the dark brown skirt does a great job. It's harder to see a shadow against a darker colour so wearing dark colours will downplay contour and the shape created by our wobbly bits. Alternatively, like the orange in my top, use bright colours on your flattering areas. These vibrant colours  will also draw away the attention from your problem areas. 

Seasonal Adaptations:
         Cardigan: I would likely still wear my jacket on a cooler spring/summer evening but during the day would replace the jacket with a short, solid light coloured (either in cream or orange), light weight shrug or cardigan to showcase the top.  A longer cardigan would create a shortening effect. Being 5'5 I always opt for the shorter versions.
          Leg and Footwear: Although I love the snuggly effect of my knee high boots I miss the humid summer air brushing against my legs. I would do away with the tights. However, during the cooler spring days I would wear the truly nude hose that make it seem as if you have bare legs (and do away with the ones I wore for the photo shoot). With the onset of spring I would replace the boots with a solid pair of delicate sandals or ballet flats. I do love my nude coloured ballet flats, but could also pull in a pair of solid gold or textured delicate flats as long as they don't have a pattern that conflicts with the top. 

       Cardigan: Again I would add in a brown, fine knit cardigan/shrug. I may add in a solid coloured scarf that has a delicate and/or soft feel. However, I would avoid my cream scarf that has a lot of creases and lines in it, which may conflict with the top.
       Leg and Footwear: In place of the hose I would wear a thick pair of dark brown tights to extend the dark brown. 

Outfit Details: Pleather jacket (unknown), Top (Mexx), Skirt (Jacob), Boots (Rockport), Bangles & earrings (Joe Fresh)     


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